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My Skull-Themed Giveaway

I posted this giveaway on my new blog,, but I figured I would share it here too. CLICK HERE to get to the original post and sign up for the giveaway! :)

I just got my 200th Wordpress follower (Thank you so much, Organized Scenery) and I'm celebrating with another giveaway! People seemed to like my last one, so I want to give it another shot. I appreciate all of you who stop by regularly to read my posts and leave me a comment, so here's to you!

Last time I gave away a nail polish set, but this time I'm going for something else. I found this adorable skull bracelet at the mall and decided that it was the theme for this giveaway. The skull trend might not be quite as popular any longer (though it's definitely not dead), but I think I have just not started catching on, so you'll have to bear with me. IMG_4548

Then I found this cute scarf and decided it was perfect. It's soft and long enough to easily wrap around your neck twice. I kind of want to keep it for myself, hehe. But a random winner of the scarf and bracelet will be drawn on Sunday night using Good luck! IMG_4553

All you have to do to participate is:

- Like my facebook page.
- Leave a comment on the original post with your email and facebook name included.
- PS: The giveaway is open world-wide!

Cheap Arm Candy

I just wanted to share one of my newest posts from my new blog Check it out!

First of all - I absolutely love this picture! And all other similar bracelet inspiration photographs.

But in order to fill up both your arms with gorgeous bracelets for every outfit you would normally have to spend a ton of money. So I searched Amazon for a few good deals, and I wanted to share them all with you. (And, believe it or not, I actually managed not to buy a single one myself. For now.)

Number 1 // Number 2 // Number 3 // Number 4 // Number 5 // Number 6 // Number 7 // Number 8

And these are just a few. Let me know what you think! - My New Blog

So, for some weird reason I am still getting hits on this blog even though I haven't posted anything here for months. So I just thought I'd give it another shot and encourage all of you to visit my new blog -! I try to update it two times a day, so I am much more active there than I've been on this blog for about a year. I post about everything from outfits, recipes, and nail polishes.

As of right now I'm working on a couple of nail polish "projects" since I just brought home a ton of new polishes. And since I'm on break and have a bunch of time on my hands. So stay tuned if you want to see how they turn out.

New Blog!

I used to love sharing my pictures and life events to family, friends, and everyone who were willing to listen here on the blog, but since January my enthusiasm for blogging - and some of my enthusiasm for life in general - seems to have completely disappeared. So now I've finally decided to make a change. I'm starting over with a new platform and my very owndomain, and I'm making some positive changes in my day-to-day life while I'm at it. So from now on I'll be blogging from! Please go check it out.

My blogging will be much more regular from now on, and I will try to update twice daily.

Yesterday's Casual Outfit

Even though I had planned on spending all day in bed yesterday, Andy talked me into going out for sushi for dinner. I think I was starting to drive him crazy and that he just wanted me out of the house, hehe. It really was a good idea though, nothing cheers me up like sushi! Well, that and tacos.

I went for a casual outfit. I didn't really feel like dressing up.

What do you think?

I Hate Coughing!

Ah, I'm sooo tired of being sick! I started by getting a sore throat exactly two weeks before our wedding. One week later I was coughing. I figured it was just an annoying cold since I'd been so stressed out about our big day, so I bought cough drops and cough drops and kept myself warm. It still didn't get better, though. On our wedding day I was hardly coughing at all (only twice during the ceremony), but the week after it came back with a vengeance! By the time I realized it must be something worse than a cold - after three weeks of feeling bad - we were going on our honeymoon and it was too late to go to the doctor. I had both good and bad days during our honeymoon, but for the most part I was just having too much fun to worry about feeling sick. And Andy never caught whatever it was I had, so we decided not to worry about it until we were back home.

So, last week I finally went to the doctor and was told I had bronchitis... They gave me steroids for the inflammation, prescription cough medicine, and an inhaler to help me breathe better. But now it's a week later, and I am still coughing my lungs up! Ahhh.. I think I'm going crazy. This is officially the start of my 8th week of being sick!

So today I've spent most of the day in bed, hoping that some rest will make me feel better. I've read tons of blogs, eaten way too much candy, and watched netflix. And I'm getting more bored by the minute. I really am terrible at being sick. Somehow I am great at doing nothing when there is work to be done, but when I need to take it easy I can't seem to relax. Anyway.. I really hope I feel better soon. For my own sake and for Andy's.

Oh, and on a sidenote: Photobucket seems to be having some sort of maintenance on their page, and I think my header will be gone until they are done (since my header isn't actually stored at

To The Rest Of Our Lives Together

This might sound weird, but I really don't feel like I've had time to let everything sink in until right now. We're back home from our honeymoon, we've started cleaning up our apartment from gifts and clutter, and we have nothing left to do other than send out our thank-you cards. I can finally relax, and I'm sitting here with this ridiculous grin on my face, thinking "we're actually married!"

People kept telling me that things might get a little weird after the wedding. Right after all the excitement had worn off, and there was nothing "special" to look forward to, you know? They told me that was nothing to worry about, and that it is actually fairly common. But to be honest, I have had the exact opposite happen. I have always looked forward to the rest of our lives together, but now it just seems more real. And there is no doubt in my mind that I have just made the best choice in my life. There is nothing left to worry about - so this last week I have just been smiling instead!

This was taken outside of the old house we rented for the reception. It was so antique and gorgeous.

Honeymoon Outfits

I know most of these outfits are fairly plain, but we were doing so much traveling and sightseeing that we didn't always have time to dress up (I don't think I've ever walked that much in my life!). Then there was the issue of packing 19 days worth of clothing for two people into one suitcase - we didn't exactly have unlimited space. I still can't believe we didn't have to pay for overweight when we came home from New York.

Anyway, here are a few collages with outfits and what not from our trip. Let me know what you think!

My Wedding Dress - A Preview

My wedding pictures seem to be arriving a lot later than I had thought, but I do have a few Facebook pictures that our photographer posted online. So until I get the real ones this preview of my wedding dress will have to do. I absolutely love it and wanted to share it with everyone who weren't there for our special day (and I'll post more later on, of course). What do you think?

Grand Canyon - Part 1

I have so many pictures from Grand Canyon that I'll just have to post them in a few different parts. This might have been the best day of our honeymoon, it was so amazing to get to see it. And I know that the pictures simply don't give it justice, but if you're ever in the area you just have to go see it. I'm already imagining going back. And this time I would want to stay for longer, instead of just a few hours.

This was our very first view of the canyon. We were practically running over to the view point to get a better view.

It was very misty to start out with, but it cleared up nicely in just 10-15 minutes.

There were a few different view points at different spots by the canyon, and these were all crowded with people. But when me and Andy walked along the edge (for about two hours) it was mostly empty, and we got to take pictures and admire the view by ourselves - which was nice. I don't think I've ever been that amazed before. Pictures just don't capture it.

The view points all had railings - because it was extremely far down - but everywhere else you were on your own and just had to be careful. I thought it was awesome, everything was so untouched.

The Hoover Dam

Ah, we're finally back home in Athens! We had an amazing honeymoon, but it feels great to be back home too. We've been gone for almost three weeks, and don't think I've ever walked as much in my entire life as we did in Vegas and New York. We definitely didn't have to worry about eating healthy, hehe. And now I actually have the time to go through all my pictures and share some of them on the blog.

Two weeks ago, on our first day in Vegas, we took a bus tour out to see the Grand Canyon! It's a full day tour - we got picked up at 6 in the morning and got dropped off back at our hotel at 9:30 at night. Needless to say we were pretty exhausted by then, but it was definitely worth it. We started out with a quick stop to get our tickets and change buses, before heading off to the Hoover dam. We got to spend some time there, taking pictures, before we drove the rest of the way to the Grand Canyon (with a lunch stop at McDonald's).

Can you see the white line at the very right of the picture (in the middle)? That's where the water line used to be.

The dam is extremely big!

It's was really bright and windy, so it was kind of hard to get any good pictures.

John's Pizzeria

We had to eat a real New York pizza while we were here, so we looked it up and found someone who recommended John's Pizzeria on the west side of town. We went on Saturday night and were lucky to get there early enough to avoid a wait, because it got pretty busy. It's a cute little place with old pictures and writings on all the booths, which just adds to the feel of the place. The west side really had a ton of small places like this - bars, restaurants, and shops - and several of them had long lines at night because they were very popular. This and Soho were probably my two favorite neighborhoods we went to.


Yum! The menu "warned us" that the pizza could be a little burned since it was made in a charcoal oven.

Yeah... I know I look a bit crazy, but it really was THAT good. Hehe.

Yesterday's Outfit

It's been really humid in New York the last few days, which is annoying when we're walking around as much as we are. But at least it's not as hot as back home in Georgia. Speaking of, I can't believe we'll be going back on Monday morning! It's been an amazing vacation, but it will be nice to get back and relax after all the traveling (19 days!). And I can't wait to sleep in my own bed and eat home cooked food.

The shirt is from Forever 21 and the shorts are from Amsterdam Boutique. Ah, I love lace.

I've been looking for a pair of cream colored lace shorts for a while, and these are just perfect.

Today's Fun (or Strange) Incident

We were walking down 5th Avenue after stopping by Saks and I asked Andy to take a picture of me in front of a store (we are tourists after all). A guy walks buy right then and says "You look absolutely darling, honey!" Which made me smile. After we're done this guy comes back and asks if Andy's my personal photographer, because he's been looking for one himself! I laugh and tell him "No, he's my husband", to which the guy responds "Even better!"

I feel like I should also mention that this guy was good looking and extremely well dresses, hehe


I'm still not sure who he liked best - me or Andy. Andy might have been more his type, but I'm calling it a tie.

New Dress

Ops, I already shopped more in my first day in New York than my 8 days in Vegas. Yesterday I found my new favorite store here and walked away with three dresses, one shorts, and one skirt, in addition to a shirt I got at Forever 21.


Here's my second favorite dress out of the ones I bought.

So comfy and cute.

My New Jeffrey Campbell's

So I know the "Jeffrey Campbell trend" is pretty much old news by now, but I could never really make up my mind on whether or not I wanted a pair. Until now. I found these beauties at a mall in Vegas and just couldn't help myself.

I especially love the dark red-ish brown color of the heels.

Now I just need to break them in, because they are still pretty stiff.

What do you think?

Instagram Update - From Las Vegas

After 8 wonderful days in Las Vegas it was finally time to fly to New York - which is where we are now! I definitely haven't been blogging as much as I've wanted to (it's been really annoying to not have WiFi in our room), but I'll make up for that once our honeymoon is over. For now, here's a review of my Instagram pictures from Las Vegas. It is so much easier to post pictures there from my phone, so please follow me if you want to see what we're up to - my profile name is tmvikholt.

Shopping in Las Vegas

I don't think I've ever gone on a vacation without shopping, but we've actually not spent much time in stores while we've been here at all (I hope I do just as well when we're in New York, hehe). My only big purchase has been a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I'll show you later. We have still walked through several of the stores in malls and hotels, just for fun. Because everything is simply bigger, fancier, and more expensive here in Vegas.

I took this inside one of the malls here, isn't it cool? It pretty much looks like you're outside when you're there.


We have definitely spent more money on food and drinks than shopping since we got here. This might not look like much, but those chicken strips might be the best I've ever had. And they had a ton of different sauces in addition to serving all kinds of frozen drinks (they even offered free samples) - I ended up with a delicious strawberry daiquiri.

Oh, and did I mention that there's also a strip bar inside the mall? Haha...




And I have to admit that I've ended almost every night (or afternoon) with a delicious frozen drink from Fat Tuesday. It's so weird that you're allowed to drink alcohol everywhere here, even while you're walking down the street. And you can even buy drinks at pharmacies.

Las Vegas at Night

Isn't it pretty? I love walking up and down the strip at night. We normally don't even make any plans, just figure it out as we go. There's so much to see and do here that there's no time to be bored anyway.



The water show outside the Bellagio at night is pretty awesome.



Grand Canyon Preview

I have a ton of amazing pictures from Grand Canyon that I will share as soon as I get an Internet connection for my laptop, but here's a little preview. I still can't believe how breathtaking it was!


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